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Options Page em Thema WordPress – Como criar

fevereiro 22, 2012

Including a Theme Options page for your theme is one of the best ways to increase ease-of-use for managing a complex theme. However, a few quick Google searches later and most people give up. Such a great inclusion for theme design appears to have such little documentation, that it appears to be one of those heavily guarded secrets which only the crème de la crème of designers hold the key to.

In this article we will be incorporating an options panel for the ‘WordPress Classic’ theme. The methods you learn will allow you to very easily integrate it into an existing theme you’re working on.


Firstly, I’d like to give heaps of credit to this post at The Undersigned. A lot of the code used in this tutorial is from their post. I’m simply building on the foundation they provided – Thanks!

What we’ll be making is a section at the top of the ‘Classic’ WordPress theme to display a welcome message. This message will be customizable from an options page in the Dashboard:


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